How to Recycle Your Old Toys


As we grow older, we don’t really play with our toys anymore. Nor do our kids. What usually happens is the toys are usually thrown away or remain in a box in the attic.

However, there are so many ways you can recycle toys. 5-Minute Crafts gives us simple ways to recycle our toys.

Plastic Dolls

Plastic doll heads make good pots for succulents. Just take the head off, cut the top part, and glue the bottom opening onto a plastic plate. Paint the entire thing and voila! You have a new pot for your baby succulents.

Teddy Bears

If you have no use for those Teddy Bears anymore, you can use them as curtain holders. Just sew a button on one arm and garter on the other. Wrap the arms around the curtains and the sunlight can come in through your windows.

Watch this video for more ideas.