Have You Seen A Pitbull Nurse A Kitten?

Stories about animal moms becoming surrogate breastfeeders for orphaned baby animals are always heartwarming and touching.

Sometimes, these moms aren’t even the same animals as the ones they’re caring for!

We see these stories all over the news and the internet. Like the time a sheepdog cared for an orphaned lamb, a cat who breastfed a bunch of puppies, and the famous Labrador who has been a surrogate mom to more than 30 orphaned animals including a porcupine and 3 orphaned tiger cubs!

Now in this video by Facebook page Storytrender, we see a dog nursing a kitten, which is pretty normal. But something is incredibly special about this pair.

This is a white pitbull who has never had puppies.

The cat isn’t actually a kitten – it’s a full-grown feline!

And yet, the cat was able to successfully get some milk out the ‘no puppies since birth’ white pitbull!

The big black cat who probably didn’t outgrow his kitten phase massaged the pitbull’s breast and nursed from it. The pitbull wasn’t bothered at all and just let the kitty empty out however much milk she wanted.

Again, this is a pitbull who’s never had pups. Yet, she’s lactating! The owner was obviously too bewildered and just had to record the whole thing on camera.

We’re no veterinarians so we’ll leave the explaining to the professionals. But it’s quite amazing how this is even possible!

Watch the full video here to see this incredible mother and child pairing.