Grown Man Hosed Down By Dog

Some dogs love water. They jump into pools, join you in the bath tub or stand still under a running faucet just enjoying the refreshing water soak their fur.

And then there are dogs that absolutely hate taking baths.

You know it, the moment they hear the water running, they go running too. Bath time immediately becomes an intense workout as you chase after them around the yard and then when you do catch them, you use all your strength to keep them from wriggling free. By the end of it, you’re the one needing a cool bath the most.

But there is a third category of dogs - Dogs that absolutely hate taking baths, and prefer to give the baths themselves.

In this video shared over a million times on Facebook, a grown man is being chased by what looks like a black Labrador with a hose in his mouth, giving his owner a bath!

The black lab was like saying: "Trying to make me take a bath, how about you take a bath huh!! How do you like it?"

This grown man was being hosed down by a dog!

That must have felt good for the pooch to finally be able to get back at his owner for the many times he was forced to take a bath when all he wanted to do was roll around the mud.

Watch the full video here and enjoy this black Labrador’s genius revenge plan for all the baths he shouldn’t have taken.