Funny Things People Do When They Get Bored At The Airport


Frequent travelers know how stressful airports can be.

Catching connecting flights barely an hour apart, or waiting for connecting flights that isn’t going up in the air until 8 hours later.

Flying internationally? You better not be seen screwing around or you’ll earn yourself an interview with the immigration office.

However, there’s always a way to brighten up any seemingly crappy airport situation and these people show us exactly how.

Perhaps you aren’t boarding until 4 hours later and need to do something to pass the time and reading a book just won’t cut it. You’re saving the last of your phone’s battery juice and slowly dying from boredom.

We came across this compilation video in Facebook of the funniest things people can do when they get bored at the airport.

Watching this definitely made us go, “I’d rather arrive early enough that I have time to screw around like this instead of running to the gate as they announce the final boarding call!”

Facebook user Vanessa Calderon commented on the video saying, “As an airport employee, please do this more often. My day is better when people do this type of stuff.”

Not only are you busting boredom and pumping happy hormones, you’re also making somebody else’s day.

We can show you better than we can tell you so go ahead and click here to get some airport tips from these fun bunch of travelers.

P.S. You’ll probably wonder after watching if they got arrested or something, well, someone who works in aviation security left a comment on the video saying, “We’d laugh at you, not chase you,” so I guess, go have some fun!