Ducks in Germany are Crossing the Street Properly

Animals are wonderful creatures and our world is a better, brighter, and more wonderful world because of them.

What’s more interesting is when they are actually better at being humans than humans are. You might be thinking that it’s not possible. You might be asking what I mean.

But I tell you, some animals can be more disciplined than human beings.

A video of a flock of ducks casually walking around the streets of Germany has gone viral on Facebook. It’s already unusual enough to see a single duck walking around.

It’s very eye-catching if it’s a flock of seven ducks. It’s entirely mind-blowing when they cross the street following human rules, waiting for the pedestrian light to turn green.

They can be seen patiently waiting on the sidewalk. The guy who took the video was obviously baffled and amazed at these tiny creatures paddling their way to other side.

Perhaps ducks have grown tired of hearing jokes about chickens crossing the road that they decided to do it themselves.

There are many possible reasons why this video has become viral and has caught the attention of so many people. One is because it is certainly amusing to watch.

Another would be because ducks are cute. And another would be because it makes us reflect on ourselves.

As cute and funny and amazing this encounter may be, may this be a reminder to all of us human beings and citizens of our respective country not to disgrace our own kind. If ducks can be responsible citizens, even if it is only in crossing the road, then we can be obedient and responsible citizens as well.

Let us help our own society be a better place.

Watch the full video of these good and adorable ducks here to see for yourself.