Dogs Who Are Scared Of Going To The Vet


Part of being a good dog parent is to make sure your beloved dog gets all the shots he needs to live a long and healthy life.

But vet visits aren’t always a walk in the park.

Some dogs aren’t especially thrilled with the vet. Well, injections are no fun at all, can’t argue with that. But for some poor dogs, the vet is a terrifying place they’d rather not go see - no matter what – shots or not.

In this compilation video by ThatPetLife on Facebook, we see a bunch of dogs that are adamantly and furiously refusing to go see the vet.

They’ve got their escape tactics figured out – they hide under sofas, run around the yard, make the most adorable ‘no’ sounds, whimper like babies, or go full canine brat and gnarl at you at the mention of the word V-E-T.

Viewers have taken to the comments section to share their own experience with their stubborn dogs who just wouldn’t get the butts off the floor for their scheduled vet visits.

One Facebook user commented that his German Shepherd used to absolutely hate the vets and everytime they got there he would drop dead on the floor and refuse to budge! It would take a village – the dog’s owner, the vet himself, and two other vet techs to drag him into the consultation room.

Watch the full video here to see the adorable antics of these dogs who are terribly scared of going to see the vet.