Dog Petting Machine: Yay or Nay?

In the wise words of a man named Chris Denny, “If you need a machine to pet your doggo for you, you don’t deserve your doggo.”

In this video by Facebook page VT, we see a set of wooden gears and machinery working together to form what they call a dog petting machine.

What it does is literally what the name implies, it is a machine that pets your dogs for you.

Two wooden hands are powered by the 16 different wooden gears spinning in perpetual motions and they stroke your pet doggo’s bum and back while you’re theoretically away at work or on a night out. It’s supposed to keep your pooch entertained for hours.

Netizens have taken to the comments section to offer their thoughts on this new invention geared towards pet owners – and not all of them agree with the idea of a dog petting machine.

User Katie Marinelli suggests that the company build a robot to do her job instead while she pets doggos all day.

User Michael Daly asks the relevant question of “What dog is NOT going to chew that to pieces?”

Valid points.

One more caveat is that this machine is not one size fits all. Poor tiny Pekingese was just standing there with the wooden hand hovering at least 3 feet above her.

See this dog petting machine in action by watching this video by Facebook page VT here. Is the dog petting machine a yay, or a nay? You be the judge.