Dog Does Yoga with His Owner


Dogs are man’s best friend. This is one of the universally accepted truths (except for people who have been bitten by one). Dogs are loyal and cheerful. They are like sunshine during cloudy days.

We have heard many stories of families and their dogs. We have novels and movies about dogs like Marley & Me (starring Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson) and Eight Below and A Dog’s Purpose.

Why? Because humans love dogs.

Perhaps there is no animal as attached to the human race as dogs have been since the beginning of time. Not only are they fluffy and cute and adorable, but they also make loyal friends and good guards.

There have been countless videos circulating in social media about dogs – dogs being rescued, dogs being cute, dogs being good, dogs being funny. All we can say is, these are dogs being dogs.

They have a nature unique to them that makes them so lovable to us. Sometimes, they are even better company than humans are. They listen without asking questions.

They watch you with adoring eyes, as if you are the most significant human being in the whole planet.  They follow you around and will not budge until you say so (sometimes, even if you say so).

Perhaps the most popular dog videos are short clips of dogs being funny. There are clips of dogs playing hide-and-seek with their owners. There are ones where dogs sound like humans singing. There is even one where a dog does yoga. Impressive, right?

A woman was trying to do yoga while her dog was resting in front of her, watching her curiously. As she tries to put her foot on the back of her neck (a very hard move, I believe), she tells her dog to the same.

Without hesitation, the dog puts its foot on the back of its neck, kind of like the position they do when they lick their bodies and followed its owner with ease.

Watch their yoga session in this video.