Dog Discovers Mud Bath and Loves It


Dogs are extremely intelligent creatures. You can train them to do almost anything you want them to learn – fetch, sit, stay, high five, jump, you name it, and they can do it.

But sometimes they just throw that intelligence out the window and let loose the big goofs that they are.

These Golden Retrievers with the most gorgeous fur coats just dived headlong into roughly 6-inch deep thick mud.

And they’re having the time of their lives.

One Golden Retriever swishes and flicks and dives until every single inch of her golden fur is covered with sludge.

And she seems to be immensely enjoying it!

Her sister contently waddles in the deep mud and watches the other dog prance around the murky, mushy, soil.

The dog’s owner can be heard laughing in the background, obviously bewildered at what is happening, and at the same time amused by how ridiculous these dogs’ idea of playtime is.

Resigned, fur mom just let them be. Dogs will be dogs and dogs who love mud will play in the mud.

Besides that is also how most of us spent our childhood anyway – getting mud-dirty and having so much fun at the same time.

But boy, it is going to be a long shower for these two afterwards. I wonder who got inside the house first - the owner or the dogs?

Watch the full video by Facebook page Life with animals here of these two Golden Retrievers having more fun than you and I had today.