Dads Passing Babies Round In Circle


This is why we DO leave dads in charge.

Some pretty weird and stupid stuff can happen, and also loads of fun.

In this viral video shared by Facebook page UNILAD submitted by Instagram user @samstogey, four dads are standing in a circle passing two little girls around. They toss them up and catch them just in time to pass them to the next dad.

Facebook user Keith Ward commented that he could imagine the dads screaming to one another, “No, you’re the father,” and the next dad replies, “No, you’re the father!” while tossing the girls around in a never-ending circle.

For the record, no children were dropped and the girls were having an incredible amount of fun. The dads also got a great workout while spending quality time with their princesses.

I can imagine the dads did this for about 5 minutes tops before their arms started hurting, put the girls down, and then the two angels screamed the house down: “AGAIN!”

For those of us who experienced being tossed into the air by our own dads when we were barely 3 years old, remember how exciting this felt? It was as if we were flying!

Those were definitely filed in our favorite childhood memories box. These dads were also making fond memories for their girls that will last a lifetime. And like many exciting moments of our childhood, they probably ended with the dads whispering to their little girls, “Don’t tell mom!”

Enjoy these precious fathers and daughters moments and watch the full video here.