Craziest Insect Invasions in History


Bugs and insects are creepy, especially when they come in innumerable clusters. They crawl in every possible nook and corner they may find and destroy the things we love (like books). Here’s a list of the craziest bug and insect infestations in history that will surely make your skin crawl:

  1. Plague of Locusts

If you grew up in Sunday school, you would know about the ten plagues that happened in Egypt during Moses’ time. One of the most horrifying to imagine would be the plague of locusts, wherein a wind brought a swarm of locusts of unimaginable numbers. This can happen sometimes, especially in the fields of Africa. They can cause massive damage to agricultural crops, resulting in famine. According to National Geographic, a desert locust swarm can be 460 square miles in size and packed with 40 and 80 million locusts into less than half a square mile.

  1. Mosquitoes at the Airport

The most annoying insects in history, mosquitoes suck – literally. They also bring unwanted infections and produces blisters on your skin. Which is unfortunate for construction workers at the La Guardia Airport when a swarm of mosquitoes decided to bother them back in 2017. When the airport had a massive construction project done, the mosquitoes jumped right in and started sucking everyone’s blood. This worsened when a spring was opened right in the airport.

  1. Caterpillars in Rhode Island

When millions of caterpillars were hatched from their eggs in 2016, these pre-pubescent butterflies decided to move to a local forest in Rhode Island. They ate the leaves of hectares of trees that you could actually see the change in terrain in space, from a healthy green to a dying brown. In 2017, when the caterpillars were about to return to eat more of the trees,  Rhode Island had a massive rainstorm, which apparently activated loads of fungi that killed the caterpillars, giving the trees another year of having leaves.

If that already made your skin crawl, there’s more! Watch this video to see more of the craziest bug infestations in history.