Couple Workout Goals (We’re Definitely Couple B)


The fitness culture has become a worldwide phenomenon with more and more people wanting to take their health seriously (and look like the models they see on Instagram.)

There is an endless supply of workout tutorials on the internet, you’ll probably have more instructional videos to watch than the actual times you’ll do them.

One type of these fit-spirational videos are couple workouts.

These types of workouts are designed to be done together with a partner, which makes your exercise routine more dynamic and more fun.

One real life couple decided to take on the challenge and do their own version of an intense couple workout.

In her Instagram account, Tova Leigh (follow her on IG @tova_leigh) and her husband filmed themselves trying to copy Couple A’s workouts from another video.

From the looks of it, Couple A seem to be members of the cheering squad, or perhaps have gymnastic backgrounds.

While on the other hand, Couple B is pretty much most of us.

Tova and hubby did everything Couple A did – and failed.

But no matter - they had a ton of fun!

Watch their compilation video here with the awesome Couple A @austin_raye and @juliandaigre and stay until the end once you see an inflatable kiddie pool involved. It is THE BEST PART, hands down.

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Have you done any of these couple workout challenges before? How did it go? Let us know in the comments below!