Completely False Facts that Everyone Seems to Believe


A fact, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is “something that truly exists or happens” or “a true piece of information.” But a lot of people consider facts nowadays as something that is generally believed by everyone, regardless if it is true or not. And with the development of our means of information today, it has become very for us to spread information, despite them being false, and way easier for us to believe such things. Here are some examples of completely false “facts” everyone still seems to believe.

  1. The Forbidden Fruit was an Apple

Even a lot of Sunday School teachers teach that the forbidden fruit Adam and Eve ate in the Garden of Eden was an apple. Well, it turns out it wasn’t. If we take a closer look at the Bible, it was never said that the fruit was an apple. It is just stated that they ate the “fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.” A lot of scholars think that this error came about because of the many different translations of the Bible.

  1. Goldfish have a Three-Second Memory

Nobody likes it when they are referred to as someone who has “the memory of a goldfish.” Simply put, this widely used phrase means having such a terrible memory, making one a very forgetful person. However, this is a great insult to goldfish since they actually have a pretty good capacity for memory. They can remember things for at least several weeks, and can even be trained to remember events months after it has happened.

  1. The Earth Revolves Around the Sun

You might be freaking out after reading this. After all, you’d think your life has been a lie and the educational system has failed you. BUT, it is not entirely false. It is just technically wrong, because, as it turns out, the Earth and all the other components of the solar system orbit around the center of our solar system’s mass. And since the sun accounts for 99.87% of our solar system’s mass, the center would be very close to the sun itself, making it look like everything revolves around it.

Watch the full video here and learn more about these crazy false “facts.”