Cats vs. Dogs: Who Wins the Battle?


There is always the argument about which is a better household pet: a cat or a dog. After decades (and perhaps centuries), no one has ever come to a definite answer.


Because we all have different tastes. One may like cats, another may like dogs. And another may like both.

However, it’s a different story when we start talking about fights. One might naturally assume that in a fight between a cat and dog, a dog would win. That is, considering the size and the strength of the animal.

But this video will prove you wrong. As it is, cats are not so easily intimidated by size.

This is a compilation of cats standing up to dogs. Not an actual fight ensues, but we can immediately see the tension between the two species fighting for their place in their owner’s house and heart.

One shows a fairly large black dog named Zoey looking very sad and gloomy.

The owner asks Zoey, “Who is on your bed, Zoey?”

The dog just looked at her owner with very sad eyes. At the back is a black and white cat sitting pretty on Zoey’s spacious bed while Zoey is sitting on the cat’s bed, which is obviously too small for her.

Another shows a dog barking furiously at a box. The cat then jumps out of it and the dog frantically runs for his life. Another one is a big black dog trying to go down the stairs.

Unfortunately, the cat sits atop one of the steps waiting for the dog to go down. The owner cheers for the dog, saying, “You can do it!”

The dog, trembling, then slowly makes his way down while the cat pokes him with its puffy little paws.

Watch the bout between cats and dogs here.