Bride-To-Be Cuts Her Hair For The First Time After 30 Years

Holly had a few months to get ready for her wedding and one of the top tasks on the to-do list is to sit down and get a haircut for the first time in 30 years.

Holly works as a gate guard overseeing the traffic flow into and out of a plantation property in Destin, Florida.

Avant Garde Salon had the honor of chopping off Holly’s locks that had been 30 years in the making, as she was getting ready to get married at the end of 2017.

Her hair had grown out to more than 2 feet long and has already almost reached her hips. Holly always felt like she needed to keep her hair long because of what her dad said – that a woman must have long hair or she wouldn’t be pretty without it.

Fortunately, Holly had her dream team of skilled stylists ready to give her the big transformation just in time for the big day. Senior stylist Jeremy Hartfield snipped off the excess length. Then stylist and colorist Sara Pestella proceeded to dye Holly’s locks.

The entire makeover took a whopping seven hours to complete! It was literally an overnight transformation – and boy, what a transformation it was.

Holly emerged from her salon chair with a perfectly blonde, angled bob, and a full glam make up look.

Holly finally seemed to be able to let go of her preconceived notions about long hair and femininity. She finally feels beautiful in her own skin.

Of course, Holly’s new edgy look will need a bit more maintenance more than her previous style, so the owners of Avant Garde Salon promised the bride-to-be a year of hair styling for FREE. What a great wedding gift!

Watch the video here to see for yourself Holly’s amazing transformation!