Black Labrador Disappears For A Night and Returns With Two Unlikely Friends


What would you do if your dog decided to run off in the night and didn’t come back until the morning?

Somewhere in the suburbs of Kansas, USA, an owner was looking for his missing black Labrador who had gone missing for the entire night.

He found him running across a large field along with two other animals in the distance.

As the trio were getting closer, it seems his black Labrador had found two new unlikely friends – another dog and believe it or not, a goat!

His black Labrador had a goat in tow!

The three bounded towards the owner’s red truck and the two other dogs immediately made themselves comfortable in the backseat.

The goat who was trailing along, obviously doing his best to keep up with his two other friends, hesitantly approached the door of the big old red truck to see if there’s still enough room for him.

The black Labrador’s owner asked the goat, “Hey goat d’you wanna get in my truck too? C’mon hop in there everybody just get in!”

As if to answer, the goat took up the man’s generous offer and climbed the front seat.

Now the man who last night just had one dog gone missing, is now taking home with him a goat and two dogs in his truck.

And maybe someone on the other side of the field is missing a dog and a goat!

Watch their fun and unlikely friendship in action in this video by Diagonal View.