Baby Rhino Enjoys A Shower

This baby one-horned rhino at The Toronto Zoo enjoys his showers and he is here to steal your heart.

One-horned Rhinos are being kept in conservation centers around the world because of their dwindling population. They are considered vulnerable species with rhinos in the wild being hunted down by poachers who then take out their horns and put them up for sale.

Their horns are usually used in traditional Chinese medicine, which up until today is prevalent and tragically contributing to the rhinos’ lower population numbers.

These amazing animals have thick grayish brown skin that looks like some medieval leather armor. The one-horned rhinos will grow up to be huge creatures, only second in size to the Asian elephant.

One-horned rhinos love their baths and usually bathe regularly in the wild. The folds in their skin trap water and hold it in when they come back to land.

This baby one-horned rhino currently housed in the Toronto Zoo is getting his regular bath through a cool shower, and he is too adorable for words!

He prances around the puddles excitedly, and at one point even rolled on the floor to get his entire body soaked with water.

He reminds us of how we used to play in the rain as toddlers, with absolutely no cares in the world.

This one-horned rhino is a pretty big baby in human terms, but nonetheless extremely cute!

Watch the full video here to get your daily cuteness fix from this adorable baby one-horned rhino from the Toronto Zoo.