Baby Boy Hears His Mom’s Voice For The First Time

A little boy was born deaf and has never been able to hear what his mother’s voice sounds like – until today.

It was the day he was finally getting his hearing aids.

Mother and son take the trip to their doctor, totally unprepared for the emotional rollercoaster ride ahead.

The moment they have waited for for so long is finally here.

Mom calls out to Caleb and asks if he can hear her.

The reaction on his face says it all – pure joy and delight. It was the first time this sweet baby boy heard his mother’s voice and he couldn’t quite explain nor contain his excitement.

His eyes lit up and he had the most beautiful smile. He threw his hands up in the air and gave a delighted squeal.

Caleb’s mother, overwhelmed by the whole new world that has been opened up to her son, broke into tears of joy.

It must have been an amazing experience to be in the same room as them when this little angel finally heard his mom’s voice for the first time in his life.

For the rest of us, let us take the time to appreciate and be grateful for our sense of hearing today. Not all of us are as lucky.

Watch the full video by Facebook page LightWorkers here to see this heart-warming and magical milestone for yourself.