A 13-Year-Old Hero Who Saved 17 Lives Gets A Huge Surprise


The disaster in Dickinson, Texas began in the night and no one was prepared. Hurricane Harvey ravaged and destroyed streets, buildings, homes, and even took lives.

But while everything went down in this terrible catastrophe, a very unlikely hero emerged.

A 13-year-old boy named Virgil “VJ” Smith rescued 17 lives using an air mattress during Hurricane Harvey.

It was 2 o’clock in the morning. The flood water was already as high up as their front gates and still continued to rise. Virgil heard his friend calling from the other block asking for help. Without a second thought, Virgil swam up to their house’s second floor, took out their family’s air mattress and swam towards his friend.

He also saw an elderly woman in a wheelchair in a nearby apartment who needed help. Virgil again braved the flood waters and floating debris and swam right up to the old lady’s window, broke a window and got her out. He even managed to save her dog!

Virgil’s heroic feat was all over the news but the young boy didn’t even think what he did had an ounce of Superman. He just returned to school the usual way that he is, timid, and quiet, and a boy who loved football.

To reward him for his bravery and kindness, Virgil’s school in partnership with Lionsgate Entertainment prepared a huge surprise for the 13-year-old hero.

What could it be?

Watch the full video here and see what the huge surprise is all about.


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