A 1-Year Old Baby Shows What It’s Like To Be Born Into A Crazy Dancing Family

This 1-year-old baby girl has got a lot to say, and she can’t even talk yet.

But she has probably all the emojis installed because she has got the most priceless facial reactions to all the craziness happening inside her house.

Let’s get some facts down - this 1-year-old loves dancing and listens to a lot of R&B.

But so does her parents.

Her father starts dancing at the back, baby girl bounces along, until the beat drops and dad begins ripping off his shirt. The way the baby’s smile just slowly morphed into a confused slash amused kind of face watching her dad shred his clothes to pieces while gyrating to some sexy R&B music - is to die for.

But wait, it’s not just her dad.

We cut to the next video and the horrible Pinkfong song comes on. Mom emerges from below and starts dancing some baby shark moves. Little girl dances along with glee, until the beat drops and mom starts krumping in her badass hiphop outfit. Baby’s seriously looking like, “What in the world is happening!”

Let’s get some more facts down – this baby was born into a crazy dancing family and it’s the best kind anyone could ever ask for.

This resonated with some of the people in the comments section who said, “I would rather have crazy fun parents than parents who don’t interact with their kids.” Say it louder for the people at the back!

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